Dirt Roads for Adventure Motorcycles

Offroad trails in the style and quality of TET/Trans Euro Trail, ACT/Adventure Country Tracks or Czech TCT.

Czech Republic

Offroad circuit around Prague (update 2023)

Route around Prague, 480 km, 60-70% offroad.

The route is chosen for a relaxed trip on a big adventure bike, without unexpected hits and surprises. Any harder sections can be ridden in wet conditions.

Offroad along D1 (update 2023)

341km, 5099m of climbing, 5252m of descending, at least 8 hours of fun for big adventure machines, even lighter enduros.

Interesting offroad routes (and experiences) outside the Czech Republic

Spain and Portugal

From Malaga to Porto offroad – routes around Malaga, Spanish TET in the south, Portuguese TET and Portuguese ACT in 18 days. (2024)