From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 1.

On Friday 8th, after overcoming initial issues like a dead battery, our motorcycle group departed from Mira Lisy towards Malaga, enjoying twisted roads and flat gravel. Splitting into two groups based on offroad tire preference, we rode about 160 kilometers, stopping briefly for tapas, ending the day at Apartamentos Bajondilos in Torremolinos.

Friday 8.3., taking over the bikes in MotoGBox and the first problems. Petr didn’t start his bike, his battery was dead. The cables helped and it charged during the ride. Then it was on.

The first ride from Mira Lisy to the Malaga area, twisted asphalt roads and very easy terrain, flat and clean gravel. During the morning we sorted into two groups. On offroad tires only me and Peter, a couple of Africas and GS have max 50:50 tires, which the next days clearly looms. The off road experience of the others is less.

The plan was to skip lunch, but we ended up stopping for a quick mix of tapas at a pub along the way.

Covered about 160 km at a comfortable pace.

(160km, Apartamentos Bajondilos, Torremolinos)

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