From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 11

Day off in Lagos. 

Lagos (this Portuguese) is  the historic centre of the Portuguese Age of Discovery, the frequent home of Henry the Navigator, a historic shipyard and at one time the centre of the European slave trade. 

Lagos, Nigeria, may have been named after him because in the 15th century Lagos, Portugal, was a major centre for Portuguese naval expeditions along the African coast.

I work most of the day and volunteered to be nominated for the laundry, Peter went on a trip with a friend from college who lives nearby. I washed, dried and edited the video of the two days. I’m now “only” four days late.

After my afternoon callo, we went to Cape Ponte da Piedade,where the cliffs are stunning. They’ve built a network of walkways over them, so you can observe everything in comfort and relative safety.

According to the Google reviews, we found a pretty good Mexican restaurant right on the edge of downtown. So, after our meal, we managed a short walk around the city and saw “all the essentials”: the walls, the square with the former slave market, the winding streets with lots of restaurants and bars. 

In the evening we discuss our next route, and as we want to go via Lisbon, we stay on the TET. Although we are concerned about the difficulty of the route, after the experience of the previous day.

(Atalaia Sol Aparthotel, Lagos)

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