From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 12

From Lagos, we head back to the town of Monchique, stopping en route at the Portimao race circuit, where preparations are just beginning for this weekend’s MotoGP race. In Monchique, we board the TET and start with an easy, asphalt climb to the highest point of TET section 5, the 902m high Foia Peak.

The descent was easy and the day proved that our fears about the difficulty of the TET were unnecessary. This part of TET section 5 is less hilly, with most of the route being on easy, just fairly dirt roads. 

Between Odeceixe and the village of Saboia we drove for almost an hour through recent burnt forest, two whole valleys completely black.
In Sovoia we found the only open cafe and had simple baguettes and some drinks. I discovered that the USB connector under the seat was not USB-C, and spent the rest of the day struggling (and unfortunately not the first day) with an occasionally non-functioning cordless phone charging. 

Shortly after lunch, on an easy trail along the river, I had a slight fall on a sandy curve. On the exit of the right-hand curve, I got skidded on both wheels on the sand and slid to the ground quite easily.

It was my right boot that bent a little on my shoe (which wasn’t a problem), but mostly it bent and loosened the lock holding the boot to the “scaffolding” on the bike. The lock on the left trunk also started to loosen a bit, so I tied them together with a rubber band. 

This one lasted about 10 miles and on the smaller hop both trunks were down. We put them back on and secured them with two straps. It lasted another 15 minutes, until the pothole. It took a while to find them in the surrounding brush. A third fall on a fairly flat surface forced us to find a better attachment, and a total of 4 straps were already holding the suitcases firmly and reliably. Nevertheless, we slowly made it about 15 km to the road and followed it to the hotel.

We stopped at a gas station on the way to fill up and wash the bikes. Afternoon muddy crossings and 2 days of dust had raised the price of a wash to €3 per bike. You just can’t wash it in under 3-4 minutes, the mud is sticking more and more.

At the hotel, I immediately set about fixing my suitcases, which took about 2 hours, during which Peter managed to shower, eat and do some lessons in Duolingo.
I was glad to get to 9pm to write my diary. I don’t know when I’ll be editing videos, but probably not today ;-).

(220km, HS Milfontes Beach, Vilo Nova de Milfontes)

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