From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 15

After a morning of work (mostly mine) we went to Setubal “to see the dolphins”.

We had lunch at a great harbor seafood restaurant. 

At 2:30, a boat with a school party and a few other excursionists is waiting for us to leave in search of the local dolphin herd in the estuary. 

They have 28 of them here (they’ve identified them by their fins, given them names and even know the relationship – well, only the maternal line, because daddy is always vague…). 

We’re successful after only a few dozen minutes. The beautiful animals start circling and frolicking around us. Eyes bulging, taking pictures, videos. When they come close to the boat, I find them enormous, definitely bigger than the 4 meters the guides tell us they are.

After 30 minutes the show ends and we sail away – the rules for sightings are relentless. 

For the remainder of the three-hour ride, we drive through interesting spots in the bay.

The bikes stayed safely in place (coincidentally, we parked them in front of a local motorcycle club). We set off for the fort above the town and then to our accommodation.

For the second time, we have to give the landlady a little urging so she doesn’t skimp on our breakfast, and then we’re all set for a quick morning departure. We have a long tarmac drive into the interior, where we intend to join the ACT route.

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