From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 3

We drove west of Malaga, up El Cascajal mountain, a nice tarmac road with a view of the whole coast and in ideal conditions as far as Gibraltar and Africa. (36.61285° N, 4.62579° W)

We then drove over to the small village of Venta Los Morenos, where we had coffee at the gas station and drove stupidly to the ruins of the tower or castle that is above the village. Fun, but mostly for our KTM with the plugs. Even the steep exit right at the beginning of the driveway was not spared (no video unfortunately).

From there, we moved on to the Sierra Prieta mountain range, which we rounded first from the west on a primo serpentine and then an easy offroad until we ended up at a place called Puerto Martinez. Peter and I took a short technical singletrack during a break and I jumped in. To my surprise, I jumped over a more than 5 meters wide asphalt road. You can see a bit of it in the video.

We then went on an untried trail up the Sierra Prieta escarpment, which was divine. From a few hundred meters up, each turn opened up more and more views of the whole valley and surrounding mountains, we climbed gradually to 1000 mnm  and excitedly returned down. A beautiful route even for beginners, easily passable in dry conditions even for 30/70 tyres.

A break at the gas station and a return to Malaga followed. A nice 200 km in good weather.

(190km, Apartamentos Bajondilos, Torremolinos)

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