From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 4

From the beginning we are divided into two groups, the pure road bunch and the rest in light offroad. After the traditional 30km ride north from Malaga, we entered the riverbed, already partially crossed after Saturday’s rain. Along the way we were delayed by a BMW that refused to start after a short break, and only a push and start through the “three” helped. The owner didn’t quite feel like continuing and he and his colleague returned to Malaga (where the moto had already started normally) and we continued on as a foursome.

After a short break in Almogía, we headed for the windmills on the Sierra de Aguas. A cool, fairly easy climb on gravel, with a great view from the top.

The way down led us to the A-7078 asphalt road, which we had taken on the first day.

Since some people were flying to Prague in the evening, we had to go back. I made my return more interesting by buying a forgotten waterproof jacket in Prague. 

Temperatures were still relatively low – around 11 degrees in the morning, up to 18 in the afternoon. But it would rise the next few days…

(160km, Apartamentos Bajondilos, Torremolinos)

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