From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 5

First day without Lisý’s group and we have to wait in Malaga for longer stands. It looks like they should arrive today, so the assembly on Wednesday started to look real. We decided to link up north of El Burgo on the Spanish TETs and drive up to Gibraltar. 

We were delayed a bit by Jarda, whom we took on the first part of the road to El Burgo and then got on the TET 25 part to begin our TET/ACT journey through Spain and Portugal.

ES TET section 25 is the southern variant of the TET in Andalusia and southern Spain, bypassing Malaga and continuing past Gibraltar to Tarifa – the southernmost point of continental Europe.

We boarded the TET north of El Burgo, where there were fairly easy gravel roads that turned to road after a few miles. And we rode on the road, with brief exceptions, for the next 40 or so km around Ronda (which is a great tourist attraction).

This is a very hilly terrain with some beautiful serpentines and when it wasn’t offroad, the experience on the road was great.

About 20km past Ronda, we descended onto forest roads that followed the hillsides, occasionally descending into a deep valley and climbing back up. Mostly easy sections, occasionally  moderately difficult with mud. Halfway through we rode for a while through sections where a fire raged years ago and fallen trees stopped us at one point. We didn’t have the courage to jump over a 70cm high log. It was possible to go around the top road about 300m back, so no problem. 

There are minimal refueling and refreshment options in this part of the TET, but you can make it through the 3-4 hours. It was back down the mountain on a beautiful road to Algecíraz. We left the TET at Los Barrios and turned onto Gibraltar, which we circled around and also enjoyed the view from above. Beware, you can’t get there without a passport, Gibraltar belongs to the UK, which is no longer in the EU. 

A quick dinner at Burgerking fed us before heading back to Malaga along the slower, non-toll highway along the coast. We were back in 2 hours, after a total of 449 km of travel, over 100 of it offroad.

(449km, Apartamentos Bajondilos, Torremolinos)

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