From Malaga to Porto by TET and ACT

Day 6

At Sergey’s in MotoBox we agreed a bit tactlessly at 9:30, so instead of relaxing we had to pack everything on the moto for the first time, throw in the stuff Jarda will send with the Motobox to Pisk and go to redo the stands.

Reliable Sergey was already waiting for us, he arranged the service at a biker friend’s garage around the corner. The installation of the new racks was finished in an hour, we added the missing bolt on the trunk holder and we were off to Portugal.

After yesterday’s marathon, we took a more leisurely mode, taking a different – but still awesome – route to Ronda, where we walked around, took pictures of the iconic views of the rock and the bridge over it, and rode leisurely along the road to Los Barrios, where we joined the TET exactly where we had left it the day before. 

It was by road to Algecíraz and we were despairing of getting to the Tarifa Hotel by tarmac. But we were wrong. After Algecíraz, the TET turned closer to the coast and after a stunning drive along the tops of the coastal cliffs we reached Tarifa. Along the way we saw Africa for the first time, especially the view from the windmills on Cerro del Tambor is amazing. It is the narrowest point of the Strait of Gibraltar.

I had a minor inconvenience on the way – my right boot fell off on one of the bumps. I put it on and after a little securing we drove on. Awaiting us was the location, service and visually stunning Hotel Arte Vida right on the surf beach about 6 km from Tarifa. 

After checking in, a shower and some light rest, we set off lightly on the motorbike to Tarifa for a meal. After a great Paella for dinner, we reached the Isla de Las Palomas peninsula, the southernmost point of continental Europe. The entrance to the peninsula was closed, we have no idea if it was because it was already dark or if it is closed permanently. 

(277km, Hotel Arte Vida, Tarifa)

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